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Stuck At Home? Stay Active.

“Surreal” is how I would describe the state of the world right now. It feels strange to look outside and see less than half as many vehicles and pedestrians out-and-about, especially since the weather is so nice outside and, as Minnesotans, we spend 6 months per year in-doors waiting for days like today. While the surreal-ness of our distancing efforts is unsettling to be certain, it is absolutely necessary to ensure the well-being of those at greatest risk of COVID-19 related death. As disruptive to our normal lives that these events might be, it’s important to remember that you’re not restricted from being outside in your own back yard. To continue supporting both our mental and physical wellness in fun and relaxing ways is important in managing the stress of the current situation, heavy as it is. So, while you spend some time exploring your own back yard soaking up some Vitamin D, here are some easy ways to add some physicality and help you feel your best:

  1. Get outside (your norm): Move in ways that feel outside your normal movement patterns, but also feel within the core of your competence. For example, try a side lunge or “warrior pose” for the yoga enthusiasts. Ask yourself “How does this movement make my body feel?” Does it comfortably “test” the limits of your range-of-motion? If so, remember that feeling and play around with other unusual positions – the sky is limit!
  2. Awareness is king: Stay alert to how your body feels as you move it in space. Feel your muscles stretch and contract. Can you name the muscles as you feel them turn on or off? Mindfully engaging in movement is critical to breaking the monotony of our usual, repetitive, mindlessly-routine activities. For example, rather than ignoring points-of-tension, mindful movement pushes us to connect with areas that may “feel off” and to address these problem areas through intuitive motion.
  3. Have fun: Exercise and physical activity shouldn’t feel like a chore. If you make it FUN, you are more likely to make it a part of your daily life. So, while gyms, parks and community centers are closing, find alternate ways to stay active while having fun. For example, play like your kids play. In fact, play WITH your kids. You’ll probably end up getting an even better workout than if you were at the gym lifting weights or running in a straight line on a treadmill. Better yet, you’ll probably end up looking forward to doing it again.

“Since I’ve been in chiropractic, I’ve improved by leaps and bounds both mentally and physically.”

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