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Our Response To COVID-19

At StoneBridge Chiropractic, the current state of public health has led us to critically assess our ongoing efforts to provide our community with necessary chiropractic care, and our desire to balance these efforts with the need to protect the health and safety of every person that enters our clinic. 

As determined by the governing bodies of the State of Minnesota, chiropractic clinics are an essential business – reducing the burden on medical clinics and hospitals by addressing the physical health concerns of people who may otherwise use resources being reserved for COVID-19 response. 

With this goal in mind, we will be re-opening our clinic on Monday, April 13th to anyone that would otherwise seek care elsewhere; therefore, we are implementing higher-level office policies to our existing safety measures to ensure continual safety for all of our patients from the viral illness at hand.  Please see below:

Things we will continue doing, and new clinic policies to reduce the stress of your visit:

  1. All appointment times will be scheduled in strict 30 minute blocks: Beginning at your scheduled appointment time, up to 20 minutes will be devoted to your treatment with the last 10 minutes reserved for transitioning between patient visits (i.e. sanitizing the treatment room for the next person, avoiding contact between patients, etc.). Please plan to reschedule if you will be late to your appointment for any reason: We will be strictly enforcing this policy.
  2. We are waiving late cancellation fees: If you are feeling unwell or uncertain about your visit, please exercise extreme caution and cancel your appointment at any time with no penalty.
  3. Patients only attendance: To keep occupancy down, we ask that you leave non-patients at home or outside if the weather allows. Please leave kids at home unless they are being treated.
  4. Doctors will be wearing masks for your protection. 
  5. Patients will now be asked to begin each visit by washing/sanitizing hands: Doctors will continue washing/sanitizing hands between each patient visit.
  6. Patients’ temperatures will be screened at the beginning of each visit: Temps of 100°F or greater will be sent home immediately.
  7. We will sanitize the treatment room/table and any area with which the previous patient came in contact: All patients will be asked to leave their belongings in a designated area for ease of sanitizing this area after each visit.
  8. Use of equipment may be restricted due to limitation of resources and for sanitation purposes. 
  9. Our goal is to eliminate or reduce waiting areas. You are welcome to wait outside until your appointment, and new patients will be asked to fill out paperwork ahead of time.

Your Health Is Our Priority; Your Safety Is Our Focus – Be Well & Stay Safe!

Dr. Shane Smith & Dr. Simon Anderson

“Since I’ve been in chiropractic, I’ve improved by leaps and bounds both mentally and physically.”

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